A Prayer For Friday

Continuing in our Friday prayers series, I hope this prepares your heart for the weekend and whatever you have coming your way. Peace.

Oh God, if only my vision of what my life could become were as expansive as your vision for what my life must become. You see the depths of my soul with clarity beyond description, you know where there must be movement.




Then you sear my heart with the means by which I could become more.


Grace-burning moments of complete renovation.

I'm enamored with the fact that You have called me to life in this crusty flesh as well as in a sleek new body, and have made the edges of both pictures blur together perfectly in the incarnation of your Son.

Help my prayer to be limitless when it comes to the transformation of myself and my holy band here on earth. Remind us that shalom is not wishful thinking, but a promise and a gift to received.

Amen, amen. Let it be as you will.