A Prayer for Friday...Sort Of...

As a way of continuing the "Prayer For Friday" series, I wanted to provide a meditation for prayer rather than a prayer itself. I invite you to read this brilliant piece of writing by Henri J.M. Nouwen, reflect on the words, and ask God to show you ways in which this writing applies to your life and relationship both with God and others. Blessings friends.

Loving the Church often seems close to impossible.  Still, we must keep reminding ourselves that all people in the Church - whether powerful or powerless, conservative or progressive, tolerant or fanatic - belong to that long line of witnesses moving through this valley of tears, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving, listening to the voice of their Lord, and eating together from the bread that keeps multiplying as it is shared.  When we remember that, we may be able to say,  "I love the Church, and I am glad to belong to it."

Loving the Church is our sacred duty.   Without a true love for the Church, we cannot live in it in joy and peace.  And without a true love for the Church, we cannot call people to it.