What Happens When...

...your best laid plans fall apart before they have a chance to take a breath? ...your timed out, planned out, paper-thin-margin schedule becomes an unruly behemoth that refuses to take a nap?

...your child inconveniently needs to go to the doctor, only to find out ibuprofen will win the day?

...you do a tech upgrade in the midst of this, which goes smashingly thanks to great IT people, but your backup machine might as well be slate & charcoal?

...your life is punctuated with health problems that come out of nowhere while piling on to illnesses long since forgotten?

Yes some of these are "first world problems," I get it, but what happens when...

You breathe. You pray a prayer of gratitude for the things that didn't happen. Then you remember that God was with you throughout the chaos. Then you take another step.