A Prayer For Friday

Our prayer this week is courtesy of Richard Foster & Gayle Beebe's book Longing for God. I highly recommend this great work on the people of the past who have etched goodness and beauty into the way we are formed into Christ. Pray this prayer with zest and hope as this week closes. soli gloria deo. 

O God who is First, O God who is Last,

O God who is one Substance, O God who is three Persons:

We come humbly and bow before you. The world we live in has taught us to short-circuit our relationship with you. We're taught to expect an instant relationship, instant answers to prayer, instant growth in grace, instant spiritual maturity.

O God, truly merciful, forgive us our sins. Forgive our impatience. Forgive our arrogance. Forgive our impetuousness. O Lord, our Lord, forgive.

Teach us to take one step at a time. Teach us contentment in growing into your life little by little. Teach us the humility of unanswered prayer. In the name of theFather, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.