Quote Week Day 4 - Dallas Willard

*I'm spending some time with family this week so I thought I'd devote the blog to men and women who have influenced me in my own formation into Christlikeness. Enjoy! Dallas Willard, from Renovation of the Heart:

Simply put, every human being thinks (has a thought life), feels, chooses, interacts with his or her body and its social context and (more or less) integrates all of the foregoing as parts of one life. These are the essential factors in a human being, and nothing essential to human life falls outside of them. The ideal of the spiritual life in the Christian understanding is one where all of the essential parts of the human self are effectively organized around God, as they are restored and sustained by him. Spiritual formation in Christ is the process leading to that ideal end, and its result is love of God with all of the heart, soul mind and strength and of the neighbor as oneself. The human self is then fully integrated under God. (31)