Prayer for Friday - Christmas Edition

As we roll toward the climax of that age-old Advent,the fullness of time when a screaming infant broke the night of sin, Lord hear our prayer.

We burn the candles, one central wick waiting to be lit With your coming and renewing and reviving our souls, Lord hear our prayer.

We're beat - honestly, this holiday is less Advent and more judgment as we crucify our bodies and calendars with far too many expectations Lord hear our prayer.

But look, remind us, point it out - "See, there's time yet! Not for one more gift but for the One Gift." Lord hear our prayer.

Show us today, this day That surviving the Mayan curtain means nothing - you stand above, gleaming. Lord hear our prayer.

At the close of this season of speed, We beg for solitude. Silence. Your grace as triage for us. Even over turkey and dysfunction. Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, you are our prayer.

Be, and let us be with you.