A Prayer For Friday

In honor of the wonderful weather, a prayer for Spring from Arthur A.R. Nelson's A Book of Prayers:

So much joy greets us at our spring windows, Lord. The blue and yellow embroidery of young flowers across the floor of your earth. The smell of just enough dew on young grass to make us eager to put the seeds down and watch the renewal of your world.

It is a time of year when it is not hard to think of the future. There is the planning that happens naturally - another coat of paint for the garage, filling the birdhouse with fresh seed, washing winter grunge from the windows.

We all come welcoming a springtime of the spirit. It is the season of resurrection, to move from war to peace, from imprisonment to freedom, from hunger for more to finding a full life. In Christ risen we can sing again in our sorrow, see possibilities for love to overcome strife; all people can experience the amazing gift of a clean break from sin and a run after the peace and joy of the Savior.

In the spring of our joy, give us drums and trumpets and help us let the world know redemption's music. (pp. 98-99)