Prayer for Friday

Father, I am beyond myself with joy. I am nearly crippled with the ripples of hope today,

surging through every cell and tissue in my body.

There is good, good, good all around.

I know this because I look to you,

then I care to look around.

I write it down.

I let my eyes linger.

I let my thoughts linger.

Good, good, good.

I let my hands touch

I let my tastebuds roll uncontrollably in it.

Good, good, good.

There is good, even in the midst of evil.

A rose in the midst of stones.

A whisper in the midst of screams

A gentle touch in the midst of hate.

An empty tomb in a valley full of crucifixion.

Good, good, good.

You are the God of good, and I am powerless.

I take the path, the path to good, good, good.

No regrets, only thanks.

Good, good, good.