Prayer for Friday

My real need today, Father, is for all of it to stop. The debating. The questions. The anxiety. The doubt.

I'm in need of a treaty, a cessation of war, a cease-fire.

The world in which I live can't envision peace,

because they can't imagine being happy without having enemies.

They are unable to have tension, because tension equals weakness.

Tension equals lost ground, lost territory, lost influence,

and loss of what means anything in everything.

We are sick, Father, visionless and distracted.

Little wonder your Son ran to quiet places to pray.

To find cessation. To find peace. To find wisdom.

Not to escape, but to return with something worth contributing.

Something helpful. Something healed. Something with fire and vision.

A blazing signal to show that things are not as they seem,

and furthermore they don't have to continue as usual.

I'm not there yet, but I want to be.

Let me sink into quiet, so I can hear.

Then fire me from the inner cell into the stream of humanity,

well healed and well peaced so that You will reign -

Here and now like you do where you are.

Which is everywhere.

Which is good.