A Prayer For Friday (Returns!)

It has been too long, but we return today with a prayer to close this week. This prayer comes from "A Book of Prayers" by Arthur A.R. Nelson. I pray this blesses you as you head into this weekend.

Holy and gracious God, you with spotless record as listener, you whose spirit blows freely not only as teacher and comforter but as companion tireless, thanks be to you for enfleshing yourself in Jesus, who came alongside us and encourages us still to come alongside each other to share and help heal the diseases that find us and wear us out. And praise to you for this day reminding us we have a marvelous and life-giving stake in each other's lives and the lives of those who hunger and thirst for friendship and communion where there is evidence of spiritual promise and loving care.

Help us no to go gently into the world with arms that embrace, minds that cut through untruth, hearts that capture large and small enemies by the strength of love as we are inheritors of the Spirit and brothers and sisters in Christ.