The "Book" On Spiritual Transformation

No, not the Bible. I noticed that on my Facebook home page they have already displayed the icon allowing me to review my 2013 Facebook statuses & postings.


I had a day this week when I felt completely exhausted and overwhelmed by what I saw in my news feed.



Shouting in digital fonts.

Attacking people for the sake of ideas instead of ideas for the sake of people.

So it caused me to wonder, out loud and in the shower, what would my 2013 Facebook review look like?

Would I see that I have unfairly called out people I don't know, will never know, and don't have a relationship with on the grounds of what they seem to be saying?

Would I see that I bought into hoaxes or rumors that create personas based on untruth?

Would I see that on my low days I posted in ways that drew attention to my "low" so people would lift me up?

Would I see my own pride and arrogance in full brilliance, waltzing across the digital stage like an exotic dancer and begging to be noticed?

Would I see myself - by omission or commission - marginalizing and ignoring people that are created in the image of God and bearers of His goodness and grace, just as much as I am?

Would I see my partisan politics - or partisan theology, which is hand in hand with the former - causing me to live a double life through the obligation to support one party and oppose the other?

What would I see?

More importantly, what does my graceful Abba Father WANT me to see so that I become more like Him in 2014?

Maybe it's time for all of us to do a year-in-review, not just of Facebook but of the major conversations and interactions of the past year. Were we oriented, through training and thinking and praying and being, towards loving God with everything we have and loving our neighbor as ourselves?

What will you see in your 2013 review?

Perhaps Facebook has some spiritual value after all...