All In a Month's Time

It has been exactly one month since my last blog post.

4 weeks. 30 days. Many hours, minutes and seconds. Sunrise and sunset on repeat.

Why has it been so long? There are a ton of reasons, but the most legitimate explanation is one that I'm not excited about.

I have had nothing to say.

The last month (and a half) has been one of the most difficult of my life in recent years. There are events that I'll share going forward, and some that I won't and can't share. Sure I've been busy - isn't that our goal as humans (insert sarcasm here)? - I've been about the business for which I've been wired, but that has been like a crust on the tectonic tumult of my heart, mind, soul and strength being stretched to and beyond their logical limits.

However, the thing I can say today with clarity and confidence, is this:

Formation into Christlikeness will not yield to our formulas, patterns, pipelines and processes. Those things are not useless - they are great and helpful ways of opening us up to the flow of God's grace. They are not the destination, however, they are but a few of many vehicles for the journey.

There will be times in our lives, meandering and wobbling like a stone drunk along the path less traveled, where we will be confronted with darkness. We will doubt our own firmness on our feet, something that up to that point was assumed and taken for granted. We will need to fall, and fall awkwardly, in order to understand just what it is we are becoming.

To become  more like Christ often requires stark reminders of what it would look like to become more like us instead.

So today is a better day, light breaking through and I feel as if I'm standing upright again.

Therefore, a blog post. Therefore more to come. Come Holy Spirit, be my guide.