A Prayer for (Good) Friday

We step into the darkness. It is day, the sun is perched and piercing in its softness...

But we step into darkness.

An ordinary day in history, though a day not like any other day...

Walks us towards the darkness.

We walk with you, son of God and son of man,

we step towards the darkness.

My hope is that we can face it with your grace and humility

when we are engulfed in the darkness.

Storm clouds swell and cries become muffled and soft,

and you hang in the darkness.

Today is a day, unlike any other day,

except for the darkness.

Night will come and the sun will hide its singular face

and there will be darkness.

But instead of mourning we wait for the light

for the end is not darkness.

Establish us as we wait, as we wait with shallow breath and candlelight,

as we wait in distance and shadow, afraid that our fate may be the same as yours though we know

that we have already been crucified in myriad ways.

But we wait. We wait for the dawn, the story of lunar and solar battling for the very life blood of humanity.

And the sun rising on the Son rising is the promise, the climax, for which we pine.

Wait with us.

We wait in the darkness.