A Challenge For This Challenging Week

The theme this week in my life has been challenge. On Sunday, an electrical fire at Parkview created an impromptu last minute scramble to create an outdoor venue for our Sunday evening service. It was frantic and beautiful all at the same time.

On Monday and Tuesday, we helped people grieve and celebrate the life of a 19-year old soldier killed in Afghanistan. It was a very heavy moment but pregnant with hope and God's presence.

It seems, in the light of of this challenging week, that this is a great time to offer a unique word from Dallas Willard.

Disclaimer - I'm not saying this is doctrine or law or a have-to-believe situation, but it is a good challenge on how we typically think about heaven.

"I believe that God is very gracious. I believe that God will let anyone into heaven who, in His considered opinion, can stand it....We have to think that the flames of heaven may be hotter than the flames of Hell. The question is not 'Will I get in?' but instead 'What will happen if I DO?' Will I be able to stand it based on the person I have become?"

Just a thought for this challenging week. What do you think?