A New Look, New Things

So, a lot has changed lately. 

After several years with one format, look, and feel for the blog it was time for a change. Plus, this is a season of shifting - things added, things subtracted, things moving in directions never expected. Let me summarize...

...I am now, for the time being, interim campus pastor at Parkview Lockport. It's a great leadership opportunity and I'm glad to serve until we find the right campus pastor to take that campus forward. 

...I am in the midst of writing a book - at least the proposal. I'd appreciate your prayers as this summer will be the time where we talk with publishers and see what future this work might have. I'm intimidated and excited all at the same time. Look for the hashtag #kingdomcuriosity to get a sense of what the book will look like. 

All of this comes together in just a brief period of time, so just know the blog will be firing at one post per week. If you want to subscribe, you can do that on any page by going to the button at the bottom. 

Thanks for your patience - the journey continues, the journey to be wise.