a major shift in my story

I took a break - for a bit - for a time of sabbatical rest, and it was wonderful. two major things came out of that time, among others, that have shifted the course of my story in a new and wild direction. 

the first was the close of a long work in process, writing and revising my first book with InterVarsity Press. we'll talk about that later. 

the second was unexpected, and will lead my family and I down a road that we didn't see coming. 

in early October, I will be leaving Parkview Christian Church after serving here for nearly 8 years and we will be moving to Rockford, IL to join Heartland Community Church's staff as the lead teaching pastor. my last teaching weekend at Parkview is September 3-4. 

to explain the dodges and happenings that led to this new opportunity would take more words than I have at hand, but in brief I will be serving with a good friend in Heartland's lead pastor and will be creating, curating, and presenting the majority of Heartland's teaching on weekends and in alternate venues. 

I'll also continue to write and will begin promoting my first book with InterVarsity Press, titled Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions when it comes out in April 2017. If you're interested in knowing more and being a part of the first readers, make sure to subscribe to the blog so you'll get updates in your inbox.

to say this season is fruitful is a complete understatement. there is a great deal growing these days. 

what I want to make clear, more than anything, is that I love what's happening at Parkview. I am leaving under the best of terms, supported and commissioned by our staff and executive leadership, and though it may not make sense sometimes God draws us out of a perfectly good and familiar place to go somewhere and break new ground. this is such a moment. 

I want to thank all of you readers who are Parkview people - thanks for your kindness, speaking words in the dark of encouragement and grace to me and my family.

I want to thank you for rescuing us from a restless and exhausted season back in 2009 when we came here. 

I want to thank you for leaning in, longing hard for God and allowing me to help you drink deep from the goodness of wild and beautiful divinity through conversation, resources and prayer.

this new chapter is going to be rich, deep, and glorious and we're so excited to step into a new season but we are grieving the friendships that come with leaving one place and heading to another. 

here's to a new place.
here's to a new season.
here's to new and different ways of becoming. 

will you come along as well?