there is a choice, right now.

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There is a choice, right now.

Transformation is the accumulation of single steps taken one at a time. 

Every one of us take them. When we open our mouths to speak, when we engage our minds in thought and meditation, when we decide what to eat and what to drink (or not). When we judge the distance between emotion and response and decide whether it’s worth it to cross that bridge. 

It’s too easy to see transformation as a finished product. We should take a look at the end in mind from time to time, that’s true, but we can’t forget the reality. 

There is a choice, right now. 

You’re thinking about it right now. 

You’ve actually been thinking about it for some time. 

It is in front of you.

You’re in the middle of it. 

There’s an unanswered text hovering on your phone that is begging you to hit back with both barrels. 

There is a lack, a gap in your soul that longs to be filled with something cheap and easy. 

There is a calling, a vocation change that would require all the fears that keep you up at night to come to the surface and hold court on your dining room table. 

There is a moment of your history that now grasps you around the throat and won’t let go. 

There is a choice, right now. 

It strikes me that Jesus asks wounded, broken people to do something before he does anything for them. He asks lame men to stand up, blind men around Jericho to weave through the crowd and come to him, and men with withered gnarled hands are asked to “stretch out their hand.” 

They may rightly respond, “I can’t. That’s the problem.”

There is a choice, right now. 

Jesus is inviting you in this momentary and immediate situation to participation in redemption and change. 

Today’s choice could be the movement towards something beautiful that you’ve been weighing and measuring. 

The step you take in this moment, tethered to the guide that is Jesus, could be a turn of light in the midst of several shades of dark. 

There is a choice, right now. 

Transformation is the accumulation of single steps taken over time. 

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