Friday Randomness

Writing a weekly blog can be a tricky business. You want to bring the best to whatever it is you write, and there are times when issues are ripe and thoughts are flowing and you feel like some sort of conduit for God's revelation and inspiration. 

And then this week happened. The conduit, apparently, had a kink in it. 

So, in lieu of more eloquent thoughts - of which I have none - I wanted to give you some random things that have given me life this week. My hope is that they would do the same for you. 

1. Sara Groves


I've been listening to Sara since the 2000's, and I find that her music continues to draw me in and slow me down. The album Conversationsspecifically, is a touchstone work that helps me think on God as well as the intricacies of human life. You can find Sara on Spotify or, and this is better, buy her music on iTunes or check out her website


2. "Look and See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry"


In 2007, I read Berry's novel Hannah Coulter and immediately upon finishing said, "I need to plant a garden." Even though our daughter was just home from the hospital, I planted a 25x17 plot in our backyard just to recover what Berry calls "our place on earth." There is a beautiful, hardy, and human spirituality to Berry's writing and activism. The documentary shows how his writing evolved along with the food culture in the United States, specifically as it pertains to agriculture. It is far more fascinating than it sounds. Act soon, however, as it will only be on Netflix for a few more days. 


3. Create Dangerously, Edwidge Danticat

Photo from  PEN America

Photo from PEN America

Seeing Mrs. Danticat speak at the Festival of Faith & Writing last month was a gift. To read Create Dangerously was the same. While you may dismiss the book since it is aimed at creatives or writers, I would suggest reading it simply for the insights she gives into Haitian life and culture. The places where American and Haitian history intersect, the distinction between what we would call "voodoo" and the ACTUAL Haitian religion of Voudou, and the struggle with family and heritage in a mobile and shifting culture. Well worth your time. 

So, those are some suggestions for you to chase after either this weekend or in the week to come. 

As you go into the close of this five-day week, may you be met by the goodness of God through the grace of Jesus Christ, inspired by the wild-goose Spirit that draws us to

...Chase goodness, freedom, beauty, and the good struggle of the Kingdom.