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speaking the language of the team

The language we use for the things that give us joy, that bring us pain, the way we talk about our challenges and struggles, they all draw an outline around the figure of our soul as we move through space. We often take these teachings to apply to individual speech acts. What say, what my child says, what respond to – and yet it has to be bigger than that. And it is. 


Because we always learn our words in community. 

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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A Bit About God, Music, & Memory

I can clearly remember the first time I ever heard the vocalist and songwriter John Gorka.

It was a song called “Houses In The Fields” and I remember the video vividly. Gorka talks of the decline of farming in the United States, how all the farmers had been bought out and replaced by subdivisions with grand magisterial names.

I remember Gorka's voice, sounding like the kind of voice that would come out of a person who is hewing wood from fallen trees, or shoveling great heaps of earth into or out of the whole working with his hands.

But I also remember John Gorka because of my father. 

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