Episode 009 // Casey And Mandy Smith Talk About Vulnerability And the Changing Church

Photo Courtesy of Missio Alliance (www.missioalliance.org) 

Photo Courtesy of Missio Alliance (www.missioalliance.org) 

Today we talk with Mandy Smith, Senior Pastor of University Christian Church (Cincinnati, OH) and the author of The Vulnerable Pastor: How Human Limitations Empower Our Ministry.  She also blogs for Missio Alliance, a collective of writers on the future of the church's mission and engagement with culture. 

Our conversation moves through key ideas like lament and joy then on to the important question gender roles and leadership and how God opened the door for Mandy to be one of the first (and only) female senior pastors in a church tradition that historically prohibited women from being in that role. 

The author Mandy and I talk about is Walter Brueggemann, an Old Testament scholar whose book The Prophetic Imagination has had a huge influence throughout my life as well as the lives of others. 

Mandy and her family live in Cincinnati, OH. You can find more information and listen to Mandy's teaching here

Music by Austin Martin
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