Episode 015 // Casey and Aaron Niequist Talk About Jumping Into a Better Stream

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This week we spend time talking with Aaron Niequist, worship leader and author of the new book The Eternal Current: How a Practice-based Faith can Save us from Drowning

Aaron is a liturgist, writer, and pastor in the Chicago area.  After leading worship at Mars Hill Church (Grand Rapids, MI) and Willow Creek Church (Barrington, IL), he created A New Liturgy - a collection of modern liturgical worship recordings. He then curated a discipleship-focused, formational, ecumenical, practice-based community at Willow Creek called “The Practice”. Aaron recently released a book called The Eternal Current: How a Practice-based Faith can Save us from Drowning, and continues to create resources to help others flesh it out.  But that’s just job stuff.  The best part of his life is his wife Shauna, and their sons Henry and Mac.  Find more on Aaron here

Here are some resources we talked about as well:

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