Episode 202 // Bonnie Kristian and The Flexibility of Faith


On this episode of the otherWISE podcast, we talk with writer Bonnie Kristian about her book A Flexible Faith: Rethinking What it Means to Follow Jesus Today. Bonnie walks us through discerning what is “doctrine” and “dogma” and provides a few examples historically of what it means to interact with each other wisely along the journey with Jesus.

Bonnie is weekend editor at The Week and fellow at Defense Priorities. Her writing has also appeared at other publications, including Time, CNN, PoliticoThe HillRelevant MagazineRareThe American Conservative, and more. In 2016, she graduated from Bethel Seminary with an M.A. in Christian Thought, and is currently exploring options for Ph.D. work in ethics. You can find more about Bonnie on her website.

Music this week is provided by my dear friend Robert Ebbens.
Cover art is courtesy of Eric Wright/Metamora Design.