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Episode 211 // Bethany McKinney Fox On Disability and Jesus' Way of Healing

In this week’s episode, Bethany McKinney Fox talks about disabilities and what it looks like to pursue Jesus’ way of healing. We live in a biomedical culture that focuses on “cure” - meaning removing the limitations of a person’s disability. In her book, Disability and the Way of Jesus: Holistic Healing In the Gospels And the Church, Bethany proposes seven marks of healing that rise from the life and work of Jesus.

Bethany is founding pastor of Beloved Everybody Church in Los Angeles - an ability-inclusive community where people with and without intellectual disabilities participate and lead together. She is an adjunct professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary, and director of spiritual formation for new church starters for Cyclical:LA. She and her husband Michael live in Los Angeles, and enjoy exploring the city and making music together.

Music by Robert Ebbens
Cover art by Eric Wright/Metamora Design

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Episode 009 // Casey And Mandy Smith Talk About Vulnerability And the Changing Church

Casey and Mandy Smith, author and senior pastor of University Christian Church (Cincinnati, OH) talk about how our vulnerability empowers us and what the next chapter of the church requires of men and women in leadership.

Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

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