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Episode 207 // Justin Whitmel Earley On the Habits That Saved His Soul

Today we talk with author & lawyer Justin Whitmel Earley about the life crisis that led him to develop a system of simple, soul-saving habits. His book The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose In An Age of Distraction is a practical look at how we can incorporate those same life-giving practices into our own lives.

Justin is a mergers & acquisitions lawyer living with his wife Lauren and four boys in Richmond, Virginia. He spent several years in China working with The Urbanity Project and also as the director of Thought & Culture Shapers, a nonprofit dedicated to serving the community through the arts.

We also discussed the book God In My Everything: How An Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People Enjoy God.

Music by Robert Ebbens
Cover Art by Eric Wright/Metamora Design

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