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spirituality for those left behind

Spirituality for those left behind.


We are all searching for the life of flourishing. The life Jesus promised. 

Some of us feel out of place in this search. We don't fit in our churches, communities, or even close relationships. 

This is a place for those hunting for spiritual health but feeling left behind.

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"We need a way of seeing spiritual formation that embraces and welcomes those who feel left behind: by church, by others, even by God."

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Casey... brought to life the concepts in his book and clearly articulated the principles we needed to know. He did a great job presenting a message to our students that should have impact for years to come."

Andy Dykhouse, Director of Leadership Development at Nebraska Christian College

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While reading (Casey’s) book, I had the distinct feeling that Casey crafted these words with great humility in his heart and a smile in his eyes―the kind that only comes from a man who has released his right to know everything and rests well in the presence of Jesus. 

Casey Tygrett is one of my new favorite authors.

Emily Freeman, Best-Selling Author of Simply Tuesday

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We need wise conversation partners.

Each week, the otherWISE podcast provides a discussion from differing (and sometimes contradicting) voices
so that we can find the wisdom to live well along the journey of Jesus. 

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